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October 1999, Machine Cancel Forum # 190 Pages Overview and Introduction

[Flag Cancel Cover]

These web pages were created from selected content of the Machine Cancel Forum issue of October 1999. The intention is to provide examples of the excellent content of this publication of the Machine Cancel Society (MCS).

Each individual web page in this grouping contains a single article from this issue.

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Table of Contents

(Note that there are links to the articles included in this set. Some of the Table of Contents items are not part of this document.)

From the Beginning: Reporting Machine Cancel Jewels, by A J Savakis

Flags in Canceling Devices (1920-1929): The West's Last Great Train Robbery, by Tom Kozicki

Flag Cover to Germany: Reader Requests Help in Translating Marking

A Triple Philatelic Cover, submitted by Bob Payne

PIVOT Mechanical Stamping Machine UPDATE by Bob Payne


Columbia: Blown Sky High, by Reg Morris

Valley Forge, by Reg Morris

The Ubiquitous HD2, by Reg Morris

Dreams: Boston B14( ) A Strike Out! And Fantasies by A J Savakis

Christmas 1974 Precancel Self Adhesive on Cover, by A J Savakis

Doremus Findings by A J Savakis

Canadian Machine Cancels by Jim Felton

Meandering Mechanomarcophilist by Jim Felton

Indianapolis "Return to Writer Unclaimed" Machine Cancels

Machines used during the period of the Washington-Franklin (Third Bureau Issue) By Paul Bourke

DVD in Dial Explained, by A J Savakis

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