In Memoriam and a Call to Action

The last few years have been witness to too many losses from our Society and the hobby. The lead article on this page is a memorial to Ralph Grumke, but the article is not entirely about our organization's great loss, but includes a call for recommittment to our hobby. The people we've lost in recent years were great leaders for the cause of postal history collecting, and many of them were founding members of this Society.

In Memory of Ralph Grumke, and A Call To Action

Our Editor, Alex Savakis, remembers Ralph Grumke and asks us to get involved to help make this Society even better.

In Memory of Frederick Langford

A color Special Issue of the Machine Cancel Forum was created just to honor the life and impact of Frederick Langford. His Flag Cancel Encyclopedia is a major study and listing of these well-known machines. The memorial to Frederick Langford web page is an edited version of that Forum issue.

In Honor of Reg Morris

A Special Issue of the Machine Cancel Forum was created on the Centennial of the Boy Scouts of America. It was dedicated to Reg Morris who was very involved in Scouting.

Bob Payne Obituary

Both our Society, and the entire collecting fraternity suffered a great loss with the passing of Bob Payne. Our Forum editor Alex Savakis has put together a tribute to Bob Payne [PDF File] that describes Bob's great contributions.

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