Membership Application for the Machine Cancel Society

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NAME ______________________________________________	DATE _____________

Address __________________________________________________________________

City   _____________________________	State __________	Zip ________________

Country _______________________________

E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________________

Collecting Interests: _________________________________________________________

Philatelic References ________________________________________________________

Annual Dues	All payments in U S funds. Dues are for the calendar year- Jan 1 to Dec 31. 

Regular US		$15.00 surface delivery in the USA

All Other Countries and Mailing Methods, please contact the Secretary
(see below for contact information)

Annual Dues (includes four issues of Machine Cancel Forum)     $ __________

Contribution to the Society?s Publication program              $ __________

Total for Publications (see separate sheet for availability 
and price of publications)                                     $ __________

Total amount submitted                                         $ __________


The machine cancel society is organized exclusively for educational, scientific and cultural purposes. We encourage philatelic research to advance our knowledge of Postal Machinery and its use.

The Society conducts study and research on all postal machinery used to process stamped mail, and to impress or otherwise obliterate applied franking. The Society endorses a strong publication program. A goal of the publication program is to release a major publication each year at no cost to members. The Society helps members in the printing and publication of their work.

The Society's Journal, Machine Cancel Forum, is published quarterly, and usually has about 40 pages of information.

The Society is a non profit, public organization exempt from federal tax .

Print and send this application with your check payable to "Machine Cancel Society" to:

Gary Carlson
1261 Ducrest Dr S
Columbus, OH 43220-3813

For additional information you may also e-mail to


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