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May 31, 2016

Society Now Selling Frederick Langford Books

[boston flag cancellation]

The estate of the late Frederick Langford has sold all remaining copies of Mr. Langford's books to the Society for resale to members. It cannot be emphasized enough that Mr. Langford was the authority on American flag machine cancels.

The Flag Cancel Encyclopedia, along with Langford's book on Doremus machine cancels, are now available from the Machine Cancel Society. Mr. Langford sold the books for $50 for the 2008 edition of the Flag Cancel Encyclopedia, and $20 for the 1988 Doremus. The Society now sells them for 1/2 retail plus postage, or $29 for the Flag delivered in USA and $12 for the Doremus delivered in USA, or $35 for BOTH books delivered in USA (yes, you read that right, a much better deal if you buy both books!) They are a bargain. Both are hardbound, too!

If the books are shipped overseas, they are priced at US$25 and US$10 plus postage (approximately US$20). If both books are ordered for foreign delivery please add $20.00 for shipping so both books are available for only $55.00.

Please direct your orders to:

Gary Carlson
1261 Ducrest Dr S
Columbus, OH 43220-3813

Make checks payable to The Machine Cancel Society

Mr. Carlson can be reached at the email address:


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