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This notice appeared in the May 2021 issue of The Machine Cancel Forum

We were very fortunate that when publications were written and printed, we laid out an inventory of printed books for sale to our members. As books were ordered and sold, we still stocked up and had inventory to sell. But prices just creeped up. Then the cost of each book sold was almost equal to the sale’s price. When you factored in postage to mail and pack, in some cases we lost money on a sale! Right now our inventory is extremely low. Only the Flag and Doremus hardbound books plus the Universal Model K looseleaf book are available at old prices. The rest have to be ordered and priced based upon our cost of postage, handling, and printing. We cannot sell at the internet listed prices (see this web page). Contact us first for pricing and delivery. Please contact:


Word to the wise: If you do not have a Flag Cancel and Doremus book, order now. The current special pair price is LESS than the original retail price many of us paid when the fourth edition Flag Cancel Book was released by Frederick Langford ($50 plus postage). By ordering the pair at the special price, you get the Encyclopedia for less, and the Doremus for free! As I look at the stack of books, the Doremus book stack is getting noticeably disappearing.

Cheers! Alex

NOTE: Current special price for BOTH the Flag Cancel Encyclopedia (4th Edition) and Doremus (2nd Edition) is $35 for the pair delivered in USA — overseas postage is about $30 extra.

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