A Link to the Late Richard Small's Machine Cancel Database

Richard Small spent many years accumulating listings of machine cancels. He posted the text of his listings on a web site. The URL for that site is shown at the end of this page.

Note that the Machine Cancel Society has been creating its own "master" database for a few years. Keep in mind that Mr. Small's database is in text format, and was compiled by Richard over the period of 10 or more years around 1990. Much of Small's data came from previously published Manufacturer's lists, so it contains copyrighted material. Anyone using the lists should not attempt to resell or repackage this information. However, all such lists and materials should be quite useful to the collector and researcher.

The Society's Database started with all previously published Society publications and added extensive data from members. The Society database is more detailed and more sophisticated since it uses the Microsoft Access database program to allow refined manipulation of the data. Some details about the Society's Database may be found under the separate Database section on this site. The Society's Database may be obtained by contacting the Society president. The office of Database Manager is currently open. Contact:


The URL for Small's database content is: database file on Google Drive.

Note that the text files are bundled into a "7ZIP" archive at the Google Drive location. To unpack the information, you use the "7ZIP" program, freely available for a wide variety of computers, phones, and tablets. See the webpage that describes ZIP archives (including 7ZIP formats), for more information.

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