Useful Web Links About Machine Cancels

Here are some links that will help you learn more about machine cancels, and enhance your enjoyment of the hobby.

Machine Cancel Pages

Here are some links to web pages about machine cancels.

Bob Swanson's Machine Cancel Page

Bob Swanson's Short Survey of Machine Cancels
[No images, loads fast]
or Same but with lots of images

Bob Swanson's U. S. Machine Cancel "Finder"
(primarily for cancels from 1900 to 1920)

Richard Small's Machine Cancel Database

Machine Cancel Images

In addition to the links given above, here are some scanned images of machine cancels.

Scans of machine cancels made by our past-president, Don Pearson [Flickr].

Scans of stamps and cancellations (Bob Swanson) [Flickr]

Machine Cancels on Google Photos

Postal History (Including Machine Cancellations) on Google Photos

Flickr Postmarks Group, an informal group on Flickr that
hosts members' images of all types of postmarks.

Postal History Societies

The Machine Cancel Society is an affiliate of The American Philatelic Society (APS).

The Postmark Museum

General Stamp-Related Links

Collectors Club of Chicago offers a menu heading indicating "Philatelic Resources" that contains some excellent links.

Commercial Links

Try a 'Machine Cancel' Search on eBay

Parcel and Postal History (With Lots of Links)

Postal Bulletins Online (A Very Valuable Research Tool!)

More Links

Main Machine Cancel Society Web Page

Contact information for the Society's President.

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