Reward Offered by The International Machine Cancel Society

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This cover was part of a collection taken from the possession of Louis F. Geschwindner, as reported in the October 1997 issue of Machine Cancel Forum (page 2097). A one-hundred dollar reward is offered for its return to Louis F. Geschwindner by the editor of Forum.

Instructions to receive reward:

1. Deliver the cover featured here, intact and undamaged to Louis F. Geschwindner of 277 Ellen Ave, State College PA 16823.

2. With the delivery of the cover to L F Geschwindner, give the name and address for the Editor to mail a check for $100 in the name of the person designated to receive the reward. A charity can be designated as payee.

3. This offer expires December 31, 2019.

No explanation is needed as to how the cover was found or in the possession of the party delivering the cover to Louis F. Geschwindner.

Contact Editor A J Savakis (electronically) at: mcsforumWu98swsderfKJ@embarqmailL98JUJwerfrr.comkjkjSESWE3434

Paper mail regarding this cover and reward can be sent to Editor A J Savakis at:

P. O. Box 609
Warren OH 44482

Paper mail can be anonymous, if desired. Reply will be published in the next Forum.

Updated July 16, 2018

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