Machine Cancel Society Auction 2003-2, closed May 27, 2003

The Machine Cancel Society Auction 2003-2 closed May 27, 2003. The auction contains many interesting lots, as well as another continuation of the remarkable material assembled by the late Andy Buckland.

Who May Bid

Only members of the Machine Cancel Society may bid in this auction. If you are not a member, you may submit your membership application and payment along with your auction bids.

Auction Rules

The following links are to images of the auction rule pages. These rules are published annually by the Society in its newsletter. Each page is a GIF file of about 45 kilobytes.

Rules, Page 1

Rules, Page 2

Auction Listings

The following Adobe Acrobat PDF file contains the lot listings for this auction (88K). A second file has prices realized for the first auction of 2003 (23K).

(Do you need an Adobe PDF reader? Its free! Download it from here.)

More Links

Machine Cancel Society Auctions Web Page

Main Machine Cancel Society Web Page

Contact information for the Society's President.

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