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The Society has offered regular auctions of machine cancel material to its members. After 2 years' break, we are again offering a short series of auctions in 2024. Remember, you must be a member of the MCS to bid in our auctions. Non-members should seriously consider including a membership application (also available as a plain text file) with their bids. In addition, all MCS auctions are operated according to the auction rules of the Machine Cancel Society.

Latest Auction

The latest auction (now closed) is described at: Machine Cancel Society Auction, Closed 26 March 2024.

Previous auctions, beginning with the most recent, are listed at: the general news items archive.

Previous Auction Listings

The lot descriptions of some of the auctions below are contained in Adobe Acrobat PDF Files that can be viewed and printed.

[For information on downloading and reading PDF files see this webpage on how to download and view PDF files.]

(Do you need an Adobe PDF reader? Its free! Download it from the Adobe website.)

Note also that the lot listings may be available in a greater variety of computer formats. See the Machine Cancel Society archived news items page for more detailed links to listing files for each auction.

Files (primarily PDF) Containing Previous Auction Listings

Earlier Auctions (not PDF format)

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Main Machine Cancel Society Web Page

Contact information for the Society's President.

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