North Carolina's Pioneer Era Machine Cancels 1898-1925 (Exhibit)

November 4, 2015

Our Society is blessed with a number of excellent exhibits producted by our members. This award-winning exhibit was created by Tony Crumbley, our Society's Vice President. This history of early machines for the state of North Carolina provides a general overview of many of the machines used throughout the United States during the era 1898-1925. The contents referred to here are images of the exhibit pages created by Tony Crumbley, and are reproduced and distributed to the public with his permission.

There are three sets of files, each file representing one "page" of the exhibit. There are 6 such pages in all. The first set are PDF files, which can be read by the Adobe Acrobat Reader (tm). Each of the PDF files is approximately 2-3 megabytes in size. You should be able to read them on any computer that can handle larger files and images. See the web page with information about downloading and viewing PDF files.

The second set of files are the same 6 pages, made available for direct viewing on the Machine Cancel Society website. Each of the 6 web pages has a table of contents to point to the various page images. To view a page, simply click on the HTML link below.

The third set of files are the same 6 pages, but stored as web page sets that you can download to your computer/phone/pad. Each file is a ZIP compressed archive, of approximately 2-3 megabytes in size. To learn how to download, unpack and use these files, see the web page with information about downloading, unpacking, and viewing the ZIP files.

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