Hoboken Eagle Cancel Die 2 Information

By Robert J Payne & A J Savkis

[From the Machine Cancel Forum January 2004 Issue #207]

[Hoboken Die 2 Cancel]

Figure 3A, above: July 15, 1919 (Bob Payne)

Hoboken Eagle is cancelled in RED ink.
This is a different die than usually found. Designated DIE 2, the Eagle is different as shown below, as well as the lettering in SOLDIERS MAIL.

Figure 3B, below: Eagle close-up

[Hoboken Die 2 Cancel Closeup]

Ribbon in eagle's mouth has color inside made by fine lines. The olive branch in eagle's right claw has no center stem. The leaves are not individual. The olive branch appears like a single multi-lobbed leaf.

Figure 3C, below: SOLDIERS MAIL close-up

[Hoboken Die 2 Cancel Closeup]

Middle bar of E is short. Second "S" in SOLDIERS appears upside down


DATED USE ON MAIL: Earliest Known Use (EKU) Last Known Use (LKU)
Embarkation TO EUROPE Not reported used Not reported used
Home FROM EUROPE 1919 07 15 1920 04 28

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